June 24, 2016

Barry & Heather Mann

“…we have been really impressed by the way that three of the Growing Nations-trained core farmers, who are practicing Farming God’s Way just up the valley, have been so committed to the Conservation Agriculture (CA) principles that they have refused to bow down to pressure from the local council to plough their fields to plant wheat. The local government approached the farmers and asked them to gather together to block farm their fields… So the farmers approached Growing Nations and asked if we could work with them to make a stand for CA in the valley by using our CA planter to help them plant their own wheat seed. They wanted to show the other farmers exactly what could be achieved. After discussing it as a team we agreed that we would help as it would demonstrate to the community the advantages of CA farming and hopefully encourage others to be trained in the future. The wheat has germinated and apparently has already overtaken the wheat in the neighbouring ploughed fields but you can join us in praying that the fields will do well during the winter and be a great opportunity for others in the valley to learn about Farming God’s Way from them. Praise God for the influence that Growing Nations has in Lesotho and give thanks for the impact that our core farmers are having in their communities and for their willingness to stand up for Farming God’s Way methods. Pray that their courage will be rewarded.”

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