November 13, 2015

Ard & Carin de Leeuw

Ard has been teaching some of the boys at Smile the Farming God’s Way programme: “Over the past month Deo (our night watchman) harvested beans according to the Farming God’s Way method. He had a yield of 13 kilos of beans. In previous years he had a yield of up to six kilos. God is great and has shown himself to Deo in his own back yard. Luca (a boy from Smile) has harvested beans and has had a yield of 40 kilos. His land was half the size of Deo’s. God is good. The gardens are doing well. The corn shoots up and is a testimony to how great God is. Pray with us that God will continue to bless the garden. That the boys and men Ard is teaching will continue to help in maintaining the garden and will be led into the Biblical principles so they will see God more and more.”

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