September 20, 2019

Ard & Carin de Leeuw

“The Laarim are fully blessed with rain this year. The crops come up and the harvest will be good. With the rain turns the arid land into a beautiful green landscape. The cattle come back from the cattle camps because there are is now enough for them to eat. With the people and the cattle’s return to the Laarim begins the relaunch of the war with the neighbouring tribe. Both tribes often go out to steal cattle from each other. These cattle thefts are sometimes successful but many times it claims several deaths. The rule is that if the Laarim kill someone from another tribe, that tribe comes back to kill one of the Laarim. And so it goes back and forth… People live in fear every day because you never know if this is your last day on earth. Since last week, the Laarim took a break from killing so that everyone can go to the fields to harvest. A few days later the chiefs from Kaputha came for peace talks. And peace has continued. Pray with us that the Laarim will stick to the decision to stop taking revenge. And that they will have their hearts opened to the gospel. So that God may make them able to give forgiveness, healing and peace.”

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