January 6, 2017

Annemarie Boks

On 23rd December Annemarie wrote: “I have already been back in Adi for over a month and although I do rest, I have also been busy and am enjoying every part of it. It is so good to be here and connect with the people and pick up the work that I left behind. Like helping with the testing of pregnant women when they come to have check-ups for their pregnancy. Those are busy days; in total over two days we saw 82 women and a few husbands and volunteers, but none so far was HIV positive… I am also checking the syllabus for training church leaders. There will be three youth conferences going on in three different places in Adi Church district next week and I will go to all three of them to give a presentation about AIDS. Please pray with me that the message will be clear and that many of the young people will commit themselves to abstinence and submit to God, looking for his will in their lives.

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