April 24, 2020

Annemarie Boks

Annemarie is currently in the Netherlands because of the Covid-19 pandemic and will return to DR Congo when possible. “I received a voicemail from Ayila, one of my colleagues in Adi. Ayila is a nurse working in Adi Hospital in the treatment program for people living with HIV. Furthermore, he is helping me as a facilitator in the workshops of ‘Channels of Hope’. In this mail he expressed his concerns about the people living with HIV who have to go to Uganda for their Antiretroviral drugs (ARV). Now with the Coronavirus the borders have been closed, and both Uganda and Congo are pretty much in a lockdown. Many cannot cross the border and without ARV their health will deteriorate. Also food is becoming a problem, people living with HIV who are taking ARV have to eat well. Ayila is asking for prayer and practical help… Please pray that God will enable people living with HIV to get their ARVs, and that others can be assisted at Adi hospital, and that the supply of ARVs will not dry up. Pray also for good collaboration with the medical authorities in DR Congo.”

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