June 8, 2018

Annemarie Boks

“Workshop ‘Channels of Hope’: If you remember it well, we did organize a first workshop for the church leaders in the church district of Adi in March 2015. End of April we could organize the first renewed workshop. This time for the church district leaders of Aba. Fortunately I didn’t have to do everything on my own but could work together with one of the nurses of the hospital, Claude Waginita.…I am grateful to God that we could organize our first workshop. Certainly there are points for improvements, they never lack. It is always possible to improve. It also was quite a challenge to prepare the workshop well. It took place earlier than planned (in April instead of in May), but the collaboration with Claude was really good. It meant a big difference to me that he took it upon himself to take care of all the logistics. And also that he taught several of the topics. It meant that I could take some rest…The next workshops are planned for October. We would like to go to Dungu, Watsa and Aru then…Please pray that financial support will come in and for the organisation of these workshops. Claude has his annual leave in October, and will be available again to help. And that’s already a huge thank you.”

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