March 23, 2018

Annemarie Boks

“I know that I want to go to teach about HIV to church leaders from this year on. I am in contact with the regional legal representative to make it possible to do the teaching in May in three of the eleven CECA church districts, in Aba, Dungu and Watsa. For October, when there will be other meetings in the church districts again, it might be possible to do the teaching in some other districts…Also, in the week before Easter, the young people will have a conference and there they will highlight the importance of youth for God. He wants to use them and prepare them for service, make them into disciples. The Bible studies will be about marriage. What is a marriage that is following God’s will? My part in the conference will be to stress the importance of following God’s will in marriage through further explanation and in showing the short movie that we prepared as AIDS Program about ‘Marriage according the will of God’. [It was] beautiful to see, on February 16, the day after my arrival in Adi, a halo around the sun; encircled by two rainbows. To me it meant to be a sign of God also that He has this year in His hands.”

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