November 18, 2016


Angèle is part of the TIMO team working among the Fulani in Niger. This week she has shared a wonderful story with us of God at work: He brought a friend and her baby safely through a difficult childbirth, and the friend’s father and two wives have since come to faith in Jesus! A local village chief has also come to faith: “…some time ago, one night in his hut, he begged [God] to reveal to him whether the truth is the way of his religion or that of the Christians. That night he had a dream by which God showed him that truth is the path that Christians follow, namely Jesus. He did not give the details of his dream but he was really looking for the truth. T. [a local Fulani pastor] explained to him the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ and this Saturday morning the chief decided to follow Jesus, because for him the most important thing is to walk in the truth even if his family does not understand and even if the people would oppose him.Since then he is thirsty to know more and comes several times a day to Warwick to listen to recordings in Fulani and to know his Saviour better. We are amazed to see how God has attracted these people to Jesus.” Praise God for these new believers, and please pray for their growth in faith in these first weeks of their new lives as followers of Jesus.

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