September 23, 2016


A friend recently wrote with news: “The days are filled with various household tasks (tidying, sweeping in and out under the tree, cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes by hand, looking for water and bringing it home to fill the buckets for the shower, the kitchen, the toilet), visits and learning the language as well as reading time (precious moments in the Word of God and other books). One day a week is reserved for the team meeting on Sunday and all share a moment about the Bible and prayer. Angèle loves her new life, and the warm welcome from the community has been very touching. Of course there are also challenges but it trains and transforms! God uses these things to shape our lives into the image of Jesus.” Please pray for the team in their new pattern of life, that they will see the challenges as ways of being shaped to be more like Jesus and strive to reflect him in everything that they do.

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