July 8, 2016

Andrew Wallace

“I can hardly believe it’s true but our satellite system has finally arrived! This means a reliable internet connection… The internet has arrived to coincide with the beginning of the Laarim songwriting classes which I have been preparing for in the last few months. They are off to a flying start, with two songs produced in the last two weeks, which the students then decided to merge into one song depicting Creation and the Fall. A video of the song can be seen on my support page. I am so thankful to see God’s faithfulness in enabling this ministry and enthusiasm from the community in response to the songs.” Praise God for internet access for Andrew and the team, and for a good start to the songwriting classes! If you’d like to view the video and read more about Andrew’s songwriting classes, visit: https://eu.aimint.org/singingthegospel/

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