March 18, 2016

Andrew Wallace

“’It would help us if you could come and lead our morning devotions?’ Those are the words I heard a few weeks ago when I met with the head teacher to offer help with teaching the children. Rather than prioritising English or another subject, he prioritised the leading of the children in prayer and Bible-reading! What an opportunity from God! The last two weeks I have been reading a Bible passage with the children on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and asking questions. There have been some good sessions in terms of understanding and response and some more challenging. The limitations in my language obviously make explaining some passages very difficult, but generally they seem to understand the questions and be able to answer correctly so that’s exciting!…As foreign missionaries it’s our greatest joy to invest our time in teaching and training those who are going to be missionaries to their own people. We have seen the firstfruits of this in the lives of Angelo and Lotao and we believe God wants to raise up many more Laarim people to a mature faith so they can show to others what it means for a Laarim person to walk with Christ. You’ll notice that there are no women mentioned and that is to our deep regret. Please pray that we can find effective ways to share the good news with women and girls because it is not easy. Pray especially for Linda [one of the team leaders], as this is a heavy burden on her heart.”

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