May 19, 2017

Andrew Wallace

Andrew will be returning to the UK at the beginning of July. “The main project I am pursuing before I leave is to record all the songs about the Bible story that are present in the community so that they are ready to be put onto solar-powered audio devices for distribution… Beyond this, I want to make a final effort with those I am closest to, emphasising their desperate need to trust Christ. I want to maximise my time spent with my Laarim friends, sitting with them and actively sharing the good news with them… The work of salvation belongs to the Spirit of God, and yet he has partnered with us to share the message, and in my final days I am determined to give myself to that task with every energy I have remaining, trusting God, as always, for the strength that I will need.” Please pray that God will help Andrew to do these things in the time he has left among the Laarim and that he will see some of his friends become Christians before he leaves.

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