February 1, 2019

Alan & Pauline Jordan

Alan & Pauline Jordan are in Kenya, preparing to go to their assignment in Marsabit to serve with the Africa Inland Church. “We are currently on a three-week orientation and training programme in Nakuru. It is very interesting and will help us with our work in Marsabit. As part of our familiarisation with the church in Africa we visited a rural Africa Inland Church called Kilewet. It was a small new church which took half an hour to drive to on a dusty track. Pauline was asked to tell a Bible story to about 30 children under a tree! Alan was invited to sing in Swahili with the pastor and elders of the church. Our team were made very welcome and have been invited to go [this] Sunday when Alan has been asked to preach.” Please pray for Alan as he preaches on Sunday, and that he will bless the church in Kilewet with his sermon. Please continue to pray for him and Pauline as they adjust to life in Kenya and prepare to go to their assignment in Marsabit.

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