November 16, 2018

Alan & Pauline Jordan

Alan & Pauline are preparing to go to their assignment in Marsabit, northern Kenya, to work with the Africa Inland Church in a Bible training centre and children’s ministry. “Within the last week we have seen a sudden surge in the raising of our support. AIM have confirmed there are sufficient funds for us to go. We are excited and now busy preparing to pack for our imminent departure in December. We are planning to spend Christmas in Nairobi with family before we start the Africa Based Orientation in Nakuru on 16th January… John & Hey Ran Kang are already in Marsabit setting up the Bible School. Through WhatsApp we were able to gain some info of what life is like for them living in Marsabit. They told us of the much-needed rain which has started. We are looking forward to working alongside these experienced missionaries.” Please pray for Alan and Pauline as they prepare to leave for Kenya, and pray for God’s blessing on their orientation and getting used to living and working in Marsabit.

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