March 11, 2016

Elaine Hutchison

Elaine Hutchison (P&P p.8) has served with AIM since 1997, most recently in our Receiving Region office in South Africa. She writes “Having continued my ministry with AIM Southern Region long distance since November I will be going out to South Africa on 9th March to do a final handover and farewells to AIM Southern Region. Please pray that the visit would go well and I would be diligent as I hand over various responsibilities to different people. Pray also for good closure as I finish up this 19 year phase of ministry with AIM in Africa. When I made the difficult decision to return to the UK I realised that would likely mean an end to my time as an AIM missionary. I was not sure how I would make ends meet and thought it unlikely I would be able to apply for a job as I wanted to have sufficient flexibility to support my parents when needed. I therefore presumed the best way forward would be to become a self-employed accountant or set up a small business. The Lord had another plan. I will be starting a new position with Langham Partnership (UK & Ireland) in the middle of April. I will be working two days per week, mostly from home but with some visits to the office which is in Carlisle—only one and a half hours drive from my home. Praise the Lord with me for this provision and pray for me as I make this big transition—that I would quickly get used to the new working context and quickly become a useful member of Langham.

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