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Sam and Leanna led the Extreme TIMO team seeking to reach out to shepherds in the mountains of Lesotho with the gospel.

Lesotho is nicknamed the “Kingdom in the Sky”, and rightly so, given that it is the only state in the world that lies entirely 1km above sea level. Sam and Leanna led a team of men who lived and worked with the nomadic shepherds who live isolated lives high in the mountains. The TIMO team ultimately aimed to plant a church among them, praying that shepherds of livestock will become shepherds of men.

As well as supporting the team in sharing the gospel, Sam and Leanna also facilitated their learning of a theological curriculum and cared for their spiritual growth during the two year period of their service with AIM.

Latest Prayer News

Please pray for a number of retired AIM missionaries who are currently in hospital; especially for Netty Sinclair who has just received a difficult diagnosis and is very ill.

On Tuesday 10th April a number of us from the office attended a thanksgiving service for the life of Colin Molyneux who served with AIM in various capacities for over 35 years, including in Kenya, Madagascar, Chad and the UK. During the service Peter Maclure, a retired AIM missionary, read out a tribute to Colin’s work with AIM which you can read here. Please pray for Colin’s wife, Rosemary, and the wider family as they continue to mourn a much loved husband, father, brother and grandfather. Give thanks for the ways in which God blessed and used Colin throughout a life which has been characterised as “a life lived for Jesus”.

We couldn’t wish to bring any better news than this… four shepherds in the last few weeks have given their lives to Christ!… Please pray as often as you can for Thabile, Semora, Chaile and Pele-pele. Pray that the Holy Spirit has truly convicted them of sin, allowed their hearts to know Jesus and that the seed of the gospel has truly found good soil!… The party in heaven may have taken place, but a battle now lies ahead for these young men. They face opposition from their families and ostracism from their community as they stop partaking in ancestral feasts and initiation ceremonies. They will struggle to grow in faith in a country with so few Bible-believing churches… Please pray for great wisdom and language skill for the team as they begin discipling Thabile, Semora, Chaile and Pele-Pele. Also pray for wisdom for us and the team in how they can model Christian gatherings (church) even in the extreme culture and geography that they live in!

“Looking back I can’t quite believe that the work with the shepherds is reaching the one year mark. It seemed a bit of a ‘wild card’ mission in the first place with only recruiting young men (there are very few young men on the mission field), the team living in extreme conditions and visa issues! But yet the team are now finishing their first year with lots to thank God for. The guys have built good strong relationships with the shepherds, their families and home villages. They have been accepted into Basotho communities. The guys have been able to talk and share advice with local people. Their Sesotho language is ever growing. Caleb was out with his shepherd companion, Semeche and when conversation lagged Semeche asked Caleb to read some of the Bible stories to him out loud. Caleb proceeded to stumble through the pronunciations of two stories: The Fall, and God Calls Abraham. Semeche gave Caleb pointers for pronunciation, but beyond that asked a few questions about the stories, which Caleb could answer in Sesotho! He was able to tell him that the descendant of Eve who would defeat Satan was Jesus! While certainly not a fully developed Gospel presentation, it’s the beginning steps. The Sesotho Bible stories are being shared using solar mp3 players. Mark and Tobias have been living with a shepherd, named Moramang, a rough individual who smokes marijuana, who wears all sorts of superstitious amulets and beads and always carries a knife round with him. A few weeks ago when Mark was looking for him he found Moramang sitting in the grass listening to the Bible stories and sharing them with another individual. Chris has given Bibles to the Ntate Maletsfansni and his family and when Ntate Maletsfasni was passing Clarens popped into our house to say hello with his friend who also wanted a bible. Needless to say he was given one!”

“Although the team spend three weeks of every month in the mountains it is inevitable that some of the guys are back with us during those three weeks. Tobias continues to have visa issues and has been back in Clarens to continue submitting visa forms (we still wait to hear the outcome but he has been given a visa for Lesotho – which means he can stay, phew!!)   We have had several team members back with us just because life is so hard up in the mountains and they need a break or doctor’s and dentist’s appointments.  Sam visits the guys weekly in Lesotho and we have gotten into a routine of Sam going up first thing on Thursday morning, staying overnight, and returning on Friday evening.  The week also consists of planning Bible studies for the team, marking the team’s reflections and reports of books they have read, and planning teaching for the module, etc.” 


Lesotho is a Kingdom totally surrounded by South Africa, whom they depend on, as their biggest employer and buyer of their main natural resource – water. Lesotho is made up of highland villages, where people live in extreme poverty and few have heard the gospel. LEARN MORE


TIMO is Training In Ministry Outreach. It is a two-year programme that trains new cross-cultural workers from around the world to do ministry in Africa. LEARN MORE
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