Ard and Carin de Leeuw

Boaz, Manoah, Amy and Juda

Sent from Vrije Evangelisatie Gemeente, Zwolle, the Netherlands

The de Leeuws live among the Laarim in South Sudan learning language and culture to share the gospel with them.

In July 2016 Ard and Carin joined the Focus team working among the Laarim in South Sudan. The Laarim are spread in small settlements across the rugged Boya mountain range, around 250km east of Juba. Laarim life revolves around their cattle and for many is dominated by traditional African beliefs and spiritualistic rituals. The de Leeuws’ initial focus was on cultural understanding and language development, learning from the Laarim by sharing their lives and building relationships with them.The de Leeuws then worked with this fledgling church to enable, encourage and disciple new believers. The Focus team ended in 2018, and after a Home Assignment in the Netherlands Ard and Carin returned to South Sudan to lead a new ministry team to continue the work among the Laarim.

As they live and work among the Laarim, they are learning the language and culture and spreading the gospel through their relationships. They are also discipling local believers and helping them to grow in faith, encouraging them to follow Christ and bring the gospel to the people around them.

Ultimately, we and the de Leeuws want the Laarim to have the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus and to see God powerfully at work, changing lives and growing his church among them. 

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Latest Prayer News

The de Leeuw family are currently in the Netherlands because of the Covid-19 pandemic and will return when possible. “While the Netherlands is going into stricter lockdown again, the opportunity has come up for us to return to South Sudan. Last week we were able to arrange many things. We are still waiting for our South Sudan visas. If everything goes according to plan, we will fly out of the Netherlands on Thursday 5th November. If the journey is successful we will be back in the Laarim on Sunday 8th November. The journey will be long and with more regulations than we are used to, but we look forward to be able to go to our home again. In the Laarim we will first be in quarantine for 10 days and then take up our work in the community.” Please pray for everything to fall into place so that the de Leeuw family can return to their ministry among the Laarim at the beginning of November.

The de Leeuw family are currently in the Netherlands because of the Covid-19 pandemic and will return when possible. “In the past few months we have taken the time to take a closer look at all our work among the Laarim. Is the vision we have for the Laarim as a team still correct? Or do we need to adjust it? What are our activities and are they effective, or do we have to stop or refine them? This is a beautiful process which is not yet finished, but we enjoy it immensely. We are grateful to God for all the work he is doing among the Laarim. We ask prayer for this whole process. That God will show us again and again which way he wants us to go with ministry among the Laarim and which activities we should do as a team.”

The De Leeuws are currently in the Netherlands because of the Covid-19 pandemic and will return when possible. “We have been seeking God to find out what his intention is for our time in the Netherlands and how we should shape it… we have noticed that daily and weekly life has been extremely exhausting and has begun to take its toll on us and the kids. In consultation with AIM we have therefore decided to offer a little more stability to us and the children… we have agreed with AIM that we will stay in the Netherlands at least until 1st November. Ard will stay working part-time with the Laarim team and part-time here in the Netherlands. This way, we will be able to cover the extra costs we have for living in the Netherlands and we can save up to buy flights and visas when we return to the Laarim… We don’t know what the future will look like. What we do know is that God has everything in his hands. And that we continue our work among the Laarim, even if it is now at a distance.” Please pray for the de Leeuw family as they find a balance for being in the Netherlands for the time being while also connecting with the Laarim team remotely.

The de Leeuw family are currently in the Netherlands because of the Covid-19 pandemic and will return to South Sudan when possible. “Pray for our Laarim team. The Covid-19 virus is starting to spread more and more. There are now more than 1,000 infections and the first deaths have been reported. It’s not in the Laarim but the effects of the virus are being felt. Pray for the food supplies. For success again and again in being able to fly food in. Pray for the fatigue and exhaustion among our team members which sometimes comes on suddenly. They can’t go in any direction and can’t get out of the area. The cattle robberies have started again and with them many funerals. Pray for the team, that they will raise their heads every day and expect their help from God.”

Ard & Carin de Leeuw are currently in the Netherlands because of the Covid-19 pandemic and will return when possible. “Our four team members who are still among the Laarim, Jacob, Noblesse, Joel and Dan, are doing well… We thank God that the short term discipleship has started. From the Netherlands, we coach Dan and Joel, who in turn train and coach Angelo (Laarim believer) and Noblesse in giving the discipleship training. Angelo and Noblesse both lead their own groups. Pray for these four men who are committed every day to spread the gospel among the Laarim.”

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