Donna Morrison

Sent from Martin’s Memorial Church of Scotland, Stornoway

Donna worked in the finance office of Dwelling Places, a Ugandan Christian NGO. Dwelling Places is an organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, reconciliation and resettlement of street children in Uganda. The vision and heart of the organisation captivated her on her first visit in 2011. Since then, Donna’s passion and burden for the work increased to the point where she felt that God was calling her to serve full-time.

Donna is a qualified chartered public sector accountant and believes strongly that stewarding God’s resources well is an act of worship before him. Through her training she has been grounded in the importance of good financial management and Donna believes it is an essential behind-the-scenes function that enables organisations to progress and fulfil their God given mandates.

She finished serving with AIM in March 2017.

Latest Prayer News

Please pray for a number of retired AIM missionaries who are currently in hospital; especially for Netty Sinclair who has just received a difficult diagnosis and is very ill.

On Tuesday 10th April a number of us from the office attended a thanksgiving service for the life of Colin Molyneux who served with AIM in various capacities for over 35 years, including in Kenya, Madagascar, Chad and the UK. During the service Peter Maclure, a retired AIM missionary, read out a tribute to Colin’s work with AIM which you can read here. Please pray for Colin’s wife, Rosemary, and the wider family as they continue to mourn a much loved husband, father, brother and grandfather. Give thanks for the ways in which God blessed and used Colin throughout a life which has been characterised as “a life lived for Jesus”.

Donna is coming to the end of her time serving with AIM, after seeing the Finance department of Dwelling Places growing while she was on Home Assignment last year, and discerning God’s call for her to return to the UK. “I count myself hugely privileged to have served these last three years with AIM. I have learnt so much and been challenged and inspired in countless ways. I am leaving AIM as a full-time long-term member for now, but I can’t imagine the contact and connections ceasing… Lots of people have been asking me ‘what next?’ The short answer is ‘I’m not sure!’ I still have two months left as an AIM member, during which time I will be doing a short Home Assignment and hopefully have time for debriefs and a retreat of some sort. After that, I really am not sure. I am sensing a change in direction and trying doors prayerfully… It really is a journey of faith and my prayer is that I will keep focussed on the Lord so that I may follow him where he leads.” Please pray for a good transition back to life in the UK for Donna, and for guidance in discerning where God wants her to serve him next.

The problems of street children, child trafficking, unsafe migration, child labour and early marriage (to name but a few) often feel like big mountains looming in front of us, and in light of them we feel like tiny ants at times, but that’s when we take our eyes away from God and the fact that He is way bigger than those apparent mountains… we are thankful for how well [the Karamoja trip] went! We trust that a good foundation has been laid on which to continue building, and believe that God can do exceedingly above all that we can ask or imagine.” Praise God for how well the Karamoja trip went – highlights for Donna included positive meetings with police and government officials to talk about these problems, safety in travel, and a day with school children celebrating the fact that they are being educated. Please pray for good work to be done to combat these problems and that God would bless the Karimojong with freedom and hope in Christ too.

“This week we’re travelling up to the remote Karamoja region. Its the poorest region in the country, around a 10-hour drive away and where the majority of children on the streets come from. The focus of the week is on training and sensitisation meetings with many different community groups (including government officials and legislative authorities) on everyone’s responsibility in stopping child trafficking.  We are running it under our theme of #SchoolsNotStreets and are excited about the scope of the activities and all the anticipated participants attending!  We are committed to trying to address the cause of child migration but need all the different stakeholders to be on board to really make a lasting difference. We are planning a celebration event with the local community leaders, school children and families, where we will have face painting for the children, a mobile clinic, food and will award prizes for the parents who take good interest in their child’s education.”


80% of Uganda is engaged in agriculture. The healthy economy of the 1960s was crippled in 1972 by the expulsion of the Asian business community, and then virtually destroyed by tyranny and wars. It has steadily improved since 1992. Under previous government regimes there were restrictions on persecuted Christians, but there is now freedom of religion. LEARN MORE

Children & Youth

In sharing the gospel with children & young people our hope is to develop disciple making disciples – to demonstrate God’s immeasurable love for children and to offer them the reassurance and peace that a relationship with him can bring. LEARN MORE
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