Mobilising refugee outreach in northern Uganda

Adjumani is a town and district of northern Uganda where many Sudanese and South Sudanese refugees are living, a great number of them are from unreached people groups (UPGs). We are looking for people who could help our long term workers for anything from 3-18 months, as they serve the local churches in mobilising believers to reach out to these refugees. 


The face of northern Uganda has vastly changed since 2016 when over 1 million South Sudanese fled the violence in their country and settled as refugees in Uganda. Many refugees have expressed concerns about returning to Sudan or South Sudan unless peace and security can be established there. In the midst of this terrible situation, there is an opportunity to strengthen both the local Ugandan believers as well as those in the refugee camps, and also to reach out to those who do not know the hope of Jesus Christ. 

AIM’s work in Adjumani District and engaging the refugees there started in 2019. Workers are running Theological Education by Extension for refugees as well as local Ugandan believers. AIM is currently associated with the Borderlands Cooperative, which is an effort by missionaries to coordinate and work together in reaching out to the refugees in Jesus’ name. The AIC church, AIM’s main partner in South Sudan, has recently registered as a church in Uganda and is present in many of the camps.

The refugee believers have requested ministry training and Bible education. In addition, there are some unreached people groups within the camps andamong the Ugandans in the area that need the good news of Jesus.

Vision and Strategy

The vision is to come alongside believers (Ugandans and refugees) in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ among the refugees (many of which are from UPG’s) and in their communities, discipling them in the Word, and equipping church leaders to reach out to others and disciple their communities more effectively, while also being able to identify their unique role in the Great Commission.

The strategy is to equip church leaders in the local community and also in the refugee camps to teach the word of God to those in their local churches using Theological Education by Extension (TEE). By doing so, the church leaders will then equip their members to be salt and light in their communities and also be able to reach the unreached near themwhile also gaining a vision for their unique role in the Great Commission. We do this with the hope, that many of these church leaders and members in the camps will one day returnto their home countries.

Ministry and type of work

Team members will live in and around Adjumani town,and will work with the local Ugandan churches—equipping church leaders and mobilizing them towards mission among the refugee population. 

You will spend a proportional amount of time at the beginning of your time in Uganda learning language and culture.

Main tasks:

  • Working alongside church leaders to identify needs within their church and communities, and seek to do so in a way that clearly communicates gospel and a wholistic biblical worldview.
  • Learning the local language and culture;
  • Exploring possible ministry opportunities such as trauma healing, vocational training, teaching English, Community Health Evangelism (CHE), Bible storying and other forms of transformational development.
  • Working along side the team leaders and local church leaders to develop a vision and strategy for those ministries.
  • Another option could be to assist with the Theological Education by Extension program by training teachers and possibly substitute teaching.

The mobilization efforts will be in conjunction with church leadership, seeking to empower them to take on the task. As a short termer, you will not need to do for others what they can do for themselves. It will be important too that you do not simply take the lead and take over in different situations, but will clearly communicate and teach people what you are doing and why, keeping open dialogue at all times with church leaders and appropriate AIM leadership. You will seek to learn from those around you, while at the same time sharing your skills and expertise so that others can continue the work when you leave.

Most of the refugees speak Arabic but English is also widely spoken, especially among men. The local Ugandan tribe is Madi, and it is advisable for all missionaries to develop basic Madi language skills for market and social gatherings.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Experience in communicating the Gospel and coming alongside others in healthy relationships
  • Some cross-cultural experience
  • Experience in Tranformational Developent and basic Bible knowledge OR a background in education or training teachers to help with TEE programme

We are looking for people who are:

  • adventurous
  • willing to explore new opportunities.
  • Committed to prayer.
  • Willing to come as a learner in everything.
  • Flexible
  • Committed to language learning even when it gets hard or boring.
  • Strong resilient, hopeful, optimistic faith.
  • Tolerant, patient and willing to understand other opinions even when you don’t agree.

Other Information

There are several accommodation options in Adjumani but whatever is provided will have indoor plumbing, brick walls, metal or tile roof and electricity (possible solar or town power)

Duration: 3-18 months



Yes. Whether you go on a team assignment with other short termers, or an individual assignment, you will be part of a team once out on the field. Both teams and individuals will be placed within teams of long term workers and you will be a part of supporting their ongoing ministries.

Listen to one of our missionaries sharing about being a part of a team:

It depends on your placement and country - it may be very basic or have all modern amenities. We will ensure that your accommodation will be secure. It will either be living with a local family, a missionary family or in your own accommodation - sometimes with another short termer.

The main qualification that we seek is that you are a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, know him as your Lord and Saviour, and are proactive in sharing your faith with others.

Leonie Dielman

I try to invest in the youth through Bible studies using the five questions of the storying method… When I started the studies, I was so amazed that the youth, usually so quiet, didn’t stop talking and answering questions.

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80% of Uganda is engaged in agriculture. The healthy economy of the 1960s was crippled in 1972 by the expulsion of the Asian business community, and then virtually destroyed by tyranny and wars. It has steadily improved since 1992. Under previous government regimes there were restrictions on persecuted Christians, but there is now freedom of religion. LEARN MORE

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