Mission mobiliser in Mozambique

Could you share your passion for mission to the unreached with Christian students in Mozambique?


To be Mwani is to be a fisherman and to be Muslim. From a young age, both of these things are taught as being foundational for every Mwani man. Apart from cooking, cleaning, fetching wood and looking after the children the Mwani women are caught up in placating the evil spirits with charms, fetishes and ritual dances. In the last two years’ Islamic terrorist forces’ insurgency has caused huge amounts of internally displaced peoples; the Mwani city of Mocimboa de Praia was almost completley burnt to the ground. Between 30,000 to 50,000 Mwanis have fled to the provincial city of Pemba.

Vision & Strategy

AIM’s work amongst the Mwani is now centred on the city of Pemba- it is too dangerous to travel outside of the city limits. Pemba has a mixture of people groups with well-established churches amongst the non-Mwani peoples. AIM is seeking to envision and encourage these brothers and sisters to reach out as Jesus’ hands of love to the many Mwani (and non-Mwani) refugees that have flooded into Pemba. This work is not easy. Many people have lost everything and both AIM workers and local church members need to respond out of compassion and wisdom.

AIM hopes to equip the local believers with vision, strategies and practical modelling to enable local believers to share the good news in culturally helpful and appropriate ways. An AIM Mission Mobiliser must understand that God doesn’t want us to do everything, rather to help our Mozambican brothers and sisters to be Jesus’ hands and feet. The aim is to release Mozambicans into what the Lord is calling them to do – “to go into all the world and preach the good news”.

Ministry and type of work

The Mission Mobiliser will have a willing, kind and encouraging spirit.

Initially the task of connecting with the University students will be paramount: Developing friendships, organizing activities, and presenting Jesus to the students. As groups form, discipleship opportunities will abound–both formally and informally. The final goal is to present a Biblical vision for missions to these young people. Bible teaching, church planting training, discipleship, relationships….this position has it all!

By partnering with a local congregation, sharing testimonies of God’s work at the university, and grafting-in and training-up young church members in the process…. our hope is that the vision for mobilizing workers to reach out to the lost and unreached will become part of the church’s purpose.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Before arrival a good level of Portuguese is required (minimum level 2 but 3 would be much better)
  • Required: University degree
  • Desired- church planting/evangelism experience
  • Desired – training in mobilisation
  • Desired – training in church planting/disciple making movements (T4T, Four Fields, DMM, Storying)
  • Desired- training on Islam


AIM’s policy is to appoint both spouses as a couple for service in Africa.

Yes. The Bible makes it clear that the church sends missionaries (e.g. Acts 13) and has an ongoing pastoral responsibility for them. As much as AIM is a key partner in the process and facilitates ministry in Africa, we will not accept into membership anyone who does not have a positive recommendation and support from their church. AIM will discuss your application with your church leaders – after all they know you better than we do – as together we seek to discern that this is God’s calling for you.

Listen to Tim Matthews, one of our Mission Advisors, talking about the churches role in sending missionaries:

A number of pastors also share their thoughts in these clips:

Every mission organisation is different, and no one organisation is necessarily better than another. It’s more about finding an organisation that’s a good fit for you, where your calling and the organisation’s calling and values are a good match. AIM’s emphasis is on reaching those who have yet to hear the gospel, and all our ministry - long and short term - is designed to see Christ-centred churches among all African peoples. Regardless of how long you serve for and the different gifts, skills and experience you bring with you, your ministry will be part of that bigger goal. That may mean going to difficult or hard to reach places to share the gospel. Working in partnership with the local church in Africa, we labour for the over 300 million people living in Africa who have little opportunity to hear the gospel, and even less to be discipled as a follower of Jesus. Is God calling you to go to them?

Listen to Tim Matthews, one of our Mission Advisors, explaining why we’re passionate about reaching those who have yet to hear the gospel:

Leonie Dielman

I try to invest in the youth through Bible studies using the five questions of the storying method… When I started the studies, I was so amazed that the youth, usually so quiet, didn’t stop talking and answering questions.

Interested? Get in Touch

Hi, my name is Debbie. If this opportunity interests you, or you have any questions, please do get in touch.​

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Long term ( Over a year )

Our passion is to see Christ-centred churches among all African peoples. Currently there are over 1,000 people groups in Africa or 316 million people, who are waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to engage with these unreached people, partner with churches in Africa to raise up gospel workers and equip African church leaders to strengthen the church. Could you play a part?. LEARN MORE


Since independence from Portugal in 1975 Mozambique was battered by civil war, economic woes and famine. Since peace in 1992 though, the country has developed one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Many are still unreached with the gospel and 17% of the country practice Islam. LEARN MORE

Church Development

We hope that our church development work with local African churches will lead them to be centres of hope and love that draw more people to Jesus. LEARN MORE
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