28 October 2019 // Articles & Stories

Meet Debbie

Connected to prayer

This article was first featured alongside our Prayer Diary in November 2019. You can download the November 2019 prayer points here or sign-up to receive future editions by post or email.

31 years ago I was serving as a long term missionary in Pakistan, hosting many short termers. Since then, I have served overseas in both long term and short term capacities and worked as part of the home administration side of mission organisations. I joined the AIM Europe office two years ago as the Mobilisation Coordinator.

One of my roles within AIM Europe is to run the short term programme. Going through a mission agency like AIM enables short termers to have the best possible experience and care. That means that my role is really varied. To start with I get to know short termers, working with them to discover what they’re looking for from their mission experience. Then I work with colleagues in Africa to best match a short termer’s gifts and desires to the right opportunity. Throughout that process I’m seeking to ensure that the short termer follows their call, and through their ministry supports the long term ministries and vision of AIM. Once a placement is agreed on by everyone we give help and advice on the arrangements needed for the trip. This includes insurance, DBS, health screening and information on visa requirements. Before we send someone to Africa, together with the team here, I play a role in making sure that short termers are spiritually and emotionally prepared. When a short termer returns, I’m involved in making sure that they have someone to talk to about their experiences. We want short term mission to be a significant time for participants, and to impact them as they continue in their Christian lives, wherever God directs.

Pray & Donate

To pray for Debbie and the rest of the team, you can find AIM’s office prayer letter here.

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