Plant churches on Clove Island

What’s the vision?

We want to see reproducing, indigenous churches throughout the Indian Ocean Islands. We want to see these built through relational seed-sowing, intentional transforming discipleship, and empowerment of the local church. On Clove Island* we hope to realise this vision through working in towns across the northern coast of the island.


Our organisation has been serving on the islands for about 40 years, meeting the country’s development needs by providing volunteers who serve in areas such as medical work, education, indigenous language resource development, and agriculture. In the last decade the approach has moved towards using teams to increase our impact on communities.


Communities on the north side of Clove Island.
*name of the location has been changed for security reasons.

We write about the ‘Indian Ocean Islands’ rather than naming individual Islands because Christianity on ‘the Islands’ is often viewed with hostility and in some cases outlawed by the Islamic rulers. Political violence has left these islands desperately poor and natural resources are in short supply.

Find out more about the Indian Ocean Islands and the opportunities to serve there.

When can I join?

Anytime from now onwards!

What qualifications do I need to join?

All team members are required to have either professional teaching experience OR have completed a TESL certificate with at least 12 hours observation or experience. We can provide recommendations of online courses as needed.

Any other experience?

Ideally it would be good if you had:
·      Prior experience working among Muslims
·      Prior experience with a church planting team or other types of ministry teams
·      Prior experience working on the Indian Ocean Islands
·      Knowledge of other languages especially French, Swahili, or other Bantu languages

What will the team be like?  

– The most important characteristic for team members is of a life abiding in Christ with clear evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in their daily interactions. We value this above all others.
– We approach this ministry as a team. A team is the incarnation of the body of believers, a collection of individuals with different talents contributing towards a common goal: the glory of God on the Islands. Teams fortify and sustain our faith, model Christ-centred communities that worship together, and achieve goals that lone individuals cannot.
– This team helps us to grow together in knowledge, wisdom and maturity through the weekly study of a curriculum, good discussion and accountability. Towards this end, the team will pursue a “medium” intensity curriculum. 

Interested? Get in touch…

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