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An introduction to Africa Inland Mission

Africa Inland Mission serves and partners with churches to fulfil the Great Commission and advance the gospel among Africans who have the least opportunity to hear about Jesus.
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Meet short termer Amos

Amos grew up in Kenya. After finishing University in September 2018, Amos decided to go to Dukana in northern Kenya for a year, to serve the Gabbra people.
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Singing the gospel

This term Andrew Wallace has begun songwriting classes among the Laarim young people at Kimatong school. His dream and prayer is that by the start of 2017 there will be there will be a series of Laarim songs, crafted by Laarim people, which will clearly tell the story of the Bible to anyone who listens to them.

What is diaspora ministry?

Bringing the Good News of Jesus to Africa’s hardest to reach people does not always mean a move to Africa.

Your calling, multiplied

What does TIMO leadership look like? Lead, teach, facilitate, share, learn, grow.... Be a part of TIMO.

The voice of the Laarim

The Laarim share "We are here in darkness because from Sunday to Monday there is no one to read us the word of God or to pray for us."

There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.