Your journey to serving
Short term

Our short term programme is designed to allow you to explore mission. We see it as part of your journey into considering whether long term service could be for you. It is a great practical way to get started and it gives you the opportunity to be part of what God is doing in Africa.

If you’re over 18 then there are so many ways to get involved. Placements range from two weeks to twelve months and are designed to encourage you in your relationship with God, as you rely on him in a new environment.


1. Contact AIM
Pick up the phone, send an email, get online and ask any questions you may have.

Visit our short term website:


2. Application form
Let your church leader know your plans, pray and complete the form. Send it to us with your deposit


3. We’ll take up references
From your church leader, a Christian friend and a professional contact


4. Interview
You’ll be interviewed by one of our mobilising team


5. Placement confirmed
We will confirm your team or placement details and what you’ll need to do to get ready


6. Preparation: tickets, visas, medical
Practical and spiritual preparation


7. Orientation
One day for short term team, or up to four days depending on placement


8. Time to GO
Africa: serve, learn, see God at work


9. Home and Debrief
Once you’re home you’ll have either a team or individual debrief


10. What’s next?
Pray, share, continue to be involved in reaching the unreached. Consider going long term?