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The Laarim live in the Boya Hills of South Sudan and are still unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ. Find out how you can pray for them, the peoples of Africa and the workers seeking to proclaim the hope of Christ to those who still don’t know.

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Today, the places where the gospel has yet to take root are not so much geographical as they are cultural and ideological. About 1000 of Africa’s 3700 unique ethnic groups, most of them Islamic, are still unreached with the gospel. Is God calling you to go to them?

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The Digo, bound by Islam and African traditional religion, are still waiting for the freedom that Christ brings. Our short term programmes offer opportunities to work in teams to reach people like the Digo or to use your skills in a wide range of programmes. Find out more here.

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The Shepherds are unreached with the gospel, living lonely and marginalised lives in the mountains of Lesotho. For them, and other people groups to hear the gospel, we don’t just need people to go, we need people to send. Find out how your giving can help us reach the unreached.


Africa Inland Mission (AIM Europe) is a Christian mission sending agency. We have our roots in a small band of faithful men and women who, in 1895, followed God’s call to venture inland to reach Africans untouched by the gospel. Their vision set the course of AIM for 120 years, as a community called and sent to live and minister among Africa’s least-reached peoples. A call that still remains.

Our heart is to see the worship of Jesus Christ spread across the continent of Africa – through individual lives fully committed to him, and collectively through Christ-centered church communities. The Church in Africa is vast and growing daily. But with over 1000 African people groups who have yet to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, the task is far from finished.

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