Unreached People: Ik

The Ik are a small farming and hunting community in North East Uganda, squeezed between the large, powerful Karimojong and Turkana pastoralist tribes. They struggle to survive amidst droughts and floods and have been displaced from their traditional homeland. Consequently they’ve suffered from famine; their small numbers make them very vulnerable. They struggle against isolation, marginalisation, and to enter Ugandan national life with their own culture and voice.


What does daily life look like for the Ik?

An Ik legend tells how God created the herder, letting cattle down from heaven by a rope and giving the cattle, together with spears, to one group of people. To the other group (the Ik) he gave only the digging stick with the order never to kill. They are very proud of their culture but what does daily life look like for them?


Reaching the Ik

Although there have been four churches planted in the Timu Forest, Uganda, there are few true believers. Many gospel sharing missions into the Ik territory have occurred, but hardly any discipleship has been implemented to develop new converts into mature believers.


Meet the Rauches

When Christoph and Heidi Rauch, first gave their lives to the Lord, they felt stirrings toward global mission. Yet it was only after decades of quiet, internal preparation that they finally boarded a plane for Africa.


Speak Icetod

The Ik people call their language Icetod, which means ‘Ik-speech’ or ‘Ik-talk’. It is noted to be a “severely endangered” language. Why not have a go at saying a few words yourself?


There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.