The Distant Boat

The Distant Boat is a feature-length movie drama with the aim of stirring the heart of the African church toward greater involvement in missions. Released in October 2013, the film is already making an impact.

On a recent visit to Nairobi, Andrew Chard met up with Reuben Nzuki who is the National Director of ‘Finish the Task’, an organisation partnering with AIM on the Distant Boat project. Reuben came to Christ through AIM broadcasts in Kenya during the 1960’s and has served for over thirty years in cross-cultural mission in the hardest to reach areas in Africa. He is passionate about mobilising the national Church to engage in mission among the unreached.

“There has already been a request from an institution to provide 1000 DVDs so all of their graduates have a copy!”

Reuben’s specific role in the project is helping to distribute the film. There has already been a request from an institution to provide 1000 DVDs so that all of their graduates have a copy! There are also plans to show the film in different locations in Kenya as part of a weekend focus on mission. There is also a helpful study guide and information card to fill in, if you want to get more involved in cross-cultural mission, that accompanies the DVDs.

As well as being involved in the distribution of the film, Reuben is using his experience to facilitate the placing of gospel workers. As you can imagine, that is a challenging task with all the logistical issues that are involved in mobilising, sending and supporting missionaries.


Reuben Nzuki, National Director for Finish the Task and Andrew Chard, European Director.

Rueben is a visionary and is an inspiring person to meet. He already has a desire to see a follow-up film made exploring some of the problems missionaries can encounter, for example; poor financial support, family issues and education. These difficulties are real and he wants to help educate believers through the medium of film.

In one sense the hard work has been done in producing this film, yet in another it has only just begun. Pray for Reuben and the national team, that they will be given great wisdom in distributing the film and in preparing and supporting those who go – in Christ’s name and for God’s glory.

Watch the film…

To watch the film yourself and find out more about the project, visit the Distant Boat website:

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