Sophie’s story

Sophie* became a believer a few years ago, and one of our workers on the Islands has been privileged to witness and be part of her journey.

Sophie was brought up in a Muslim home, but was having serious doubts. Then one night she dreamed she was in a deep pit. It was dark, and she couldn’t get herself out. Then she saw Jesus looking down into the pit. He called her name, reached down and pulled her out. She decided to find out more about her rescuer and has eagerly soaked up and stuck to truth even in the midst of persecution. Her faith is simple yet deep. She takes the Word as she reads it, and prays in faith. As a result, she has seen her Saviour answer in amazing ways – providing healing, food, money, and even fixing her broken solar system so she can have light.   

A desire to share

When she first accepted Christ, she only felt responsible for herself and her own decision. This broadened to a desire to share with her family, and later, her wider community, after seeing her neighbour in a dream, in the middle of the ocean clinging to a rope which she believed would bring her to paradise. Sophie could see that no one was holding the other end to pull her to safety – she was just floating helplessly clutching a useless rope.

Shortly after reading about Paul’s persecution in Acts, Sophie received a call to say the police were coming to arrest her. She boldly asked the police officer if she was considered dangerous enough to be locked up without a trial. The officer agreed to a court hearing. She came to us and said, “If I go to prison, I go to prison, but I want a chance like Paul to speak. God will be with me and give me the words.” In the end her accusers never showed up and her case was dismissed. Sophie is using her testimony to encourage others, and we are seeing her grow as a leader and encourager among the few believers here. Please pray that God continues to grow and develop her gifts and burden for others, inside and outside the church. May these seeds produce a hundred-fold harvest!

* Name changed for security reasons

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