Part Two – An obstacle course

Today many of us will have watched the heats for the steeplechase at the Olympics. On Monday we’ll be able to watch the final. Perhaps many of us can identify with obstacles in the road as we seek to ‘run the race’ ahead of us! For Caroline Bett the obstacles helped her realise that God had a different plan for her life…

I was becoming a notable athlete. I competed in local and national races and had good time. I was building a name for myself.

Growing ambition

“I reflected back to my son’s prayers. I was asking myself, “Can this young boy’s prayer change things?”…”

One time I got an invitation to go to Malaysia for a race. I traveled to Nairobi to apply for my passport. However, with only a day to departure, I was told that my passport was not ready. I came back home so sad. My friends all left and went to Malaysia for three months.

On my way back from Nairobi I began asking myself if I was running to the right direction. I kept wondering why I was doing what I was doing. However, I didn’t give up. I went back to the camp and kept on practicing hoping to go away for another race.

Another opportunity to go abroad presented itself. I prepared myself to travel. I packed and bade my children goodbye. However, the race was cancelled and I had to go back to the camp disappointed. I no longer had peace. I was so distraught.

A new direction

On the following weekend I went to see my husband after training and told him that I felt I couldn’t go back to the camp. My husband, Robert, was so supportive. He didn’t want to force me to join him. He was so understanding. He asked if I would be willing to study with him in Bible college. Though I was willing, I was scared that we wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of education. We didn’t have any money. However, Robert said that we shouldn’t be afraid because God was going to provide for us.I told my husband that I thought I was running the wrong direction. I no longer had peace of mind. I lost my passion for athletics. I reflected back to my son’s prayers. I was asking myself, “Can this young boy’s prayer change things?”


Caroline resting with her neighbours after doing some gardening work.

Indeed, God opened a way for us. He provided the funds we needed. We had peace and joy as a family. I was enjoying my service to God. I remember encouraging words from some church members. One day after preaching, some church members said “this is where you were supposed to be, not running!” Every time I visited churches I came home with a word of encouragement from those who knew my past. But God had more in store for us…

Check back on our blog, over the course of the Olympics, for Part Three of Caroline’s story and if you haven’t read it yet, go back to Part One….

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