Questioning Mission Youth Sessions

Questioning Mission is the second set of youth sessions AIM has produced to help your young people to think about life, faith and mission. The first set of youth sessions, Mission Essentials, focused on some of the basic issues in mission. As our societies are changing at such a breath-taking pace, it’s right for our young people – as well as all believers in Christ – to examine what they believe and how our culture’s values line up against the unchanging word of God. In Questioning Mission we have tried to tackle some of the tricky issues that non-Christian cultures struggle with when thinking about both Christianity and Christian mission. After all, if our general culture questions these things it’s almost a certainty that our young people will too. However, we are convinced that as our young people see the heart of God that is revealed as they dive into the Bible, they will come to love him more as well as growing more confident to face the challenges of living for Christ in a post-Christian society.

Throughout the studies there are ‘Leader’s Notes’ with suggestions and extra information to help you lead your youth sessions. There are also sections on the right which will give you further information on questions that might come up in conversation. Please don’t feel you must use this information if the session doesn’t naturally need it.

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