Questioning Mission Bible Studies

This set of four Bible studies has been designed to help your church grapple with some of the common – but difficult – questions people have about world mission. 

In the first study we think about the eternal fate of people that have not heard about Jesus. We see that our understanding of this issue affects how we see God and the whole world. In the second study we will look around us at our changing neighbourhoods and think about the nature of mission. With so much need around us in the UK, why send gospel workers abroad? Don’t we need gospel workers here in Britain? In the third study we grapple with the interplay between practically sharing the love of Christ through our actions and sharing the good news with words. Finally, in the fourth study we will think about God’s will for our lives. We dive into God’s Word and explore how both God’s leading and the abundant life he offers come when we give up everything to follow Christ and ‘seek first his kingdom’. 

We hope that these studies will encourage you and your small group to follow harder after Jesus – and to help you to find your place in God’s grand plan of salvation for the whole world. 

You can also download a participant’s guide here

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