Meeting Jesus Youth Sessions

The pages of the Gospels and Acts hold the stories of many women, some named, some unnamed, who have interactions with Jesus that change their lives. We see Jesus, over and over again, taking the time to know and see each individual, no matter what their personal circumstances or what others think of them. He listens to them, takes time for them, and values their personal responsibility and their relaionships with God. He calls them to follow him, and they play significant roles in his life and ministry in a way that must have seemed quite counter-cultural. And when everyone has given up on him because he doesn’t look like the kind of saviour that they were expecting, it is these women who have a clearer understanding of who Jesus is. Maybe it is because of how Jesus has treated them, respected them, noticed and healed them that they are loyal to him still, even when he is killed on the cross. This means they are the main witnesses for some of the most important moments in the gospel story, and therefore some of the first people to share that good news with others.  

What can we all learn from the unique experiences of women? Not just the women who met Jesus in the Gospels, but those who are encountering Jesus across Africa today? What happens when we put ourselves in their shoes? What did Jesus’ radical upside-down gospel kingdom mean for them? We hope that by looking at the perspectives of women who were often marginalised and ignored in these four youth sessions, that your group might get to know Jesus better, love him more and want to share him with others. 

You can download the testimonies from this study separately to give to the members of your youth group.

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