Learn some first aid

Kenya is more than twice the size of Britain and there are about 52 million people living there. It’s on the equator, so it doesn’t have a summer and winter like we do in the UK. Instead, they have rainy seasons and dry seasons. 

Kenya is a diverse country. There are many different landscapes like mountains, savannah, lakes, forests and deserts. Lots of people live in big cities too, like Nairobi, the capital city. But some people live in very remote places, where it can be hard to access water, food, medicine and healthcare. Often, the people living in these areas have never heard about Jesus before either. 

The Africa Inland Church (AIC), Kenya, was started through the work of Africa Inland Mission (AIM), with the Kenyan people taking over responsibility in 1943. Today, the AIC has 52 rural health units and health centres and five hospitals, including Kijabe. Why not follow their lead and practice your first aid?

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