Teach English in North Africa

Could you live in an Islamic country, teach English as a second language and seek opportunities to speak to those you get to know about Jesus?


Work among a Muslim people group, where 99.99% follow Islam. As the government actively work against Christians sharing their faith; new local believers face persecution from their families and imprisonment. But God is moving! 

Vision & Strategy

AIM seeks workers to join a team to live, work and minister to people that have never before heard the good news of Jesus Christ. There is no church (with just a handful of believers) among millions of people and the need is extreme. You must have a certainty about God’s call on your life to minister to these desperate people. You will learn the local language and culture and then will share the gospel as you build relationships through English teaching in one of the company’s English centres.  

Ministry and type of work

English is a highly desired skill and so you will be meeting a real felt need. As you seek to help the local people with their English you will get to know people outside of class and you will share who you are – including intentionally sharing your faith and trust in Jesus. Building relationships in this context takes a long time with many ups and downs but you will be supported by your team and have regular one-on-one times with your team leader. 

Qualifications & Experience

  • A recognised English teaching qualification such as TEFL or TESL
  • Experience of teaching English as a foreign language in the UK context
  • Experience of sharing the good news with those from this majority world religion 
  • A clear leading from God to work in this creative access context
  • 100 committed prayer-supporters to regularly lift you in prayer 


You must be a born-again Christian with an active and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and in agreement with AIM’s statement of faith; you must be at least 18 years of age; you must be able to legally work in the UK; you cannot have been divorced multiple times or within the last five years.

Listen to a retired missionary talking about the priority that prayer must play in a missionaries life:

Normally we have worked with you to find a suitable placement before you are accepted as a member. So once you are accepted, we can get to work on the practical and administrative tasks of your placement. This will involve looking at flights, insurance, visas, budgets, invoices, health checks, background checks and orientation. We try to make things easier for you, and ensure that you are as prepared as you can be to go to Africa.

We ensure that all individuals are insured before they leave for Africa. This insurance covers all things from accidents to injuries, to medical evacuations and war. AIM also has a Crisis Consultant who ensures that there are contingency plans in place in the unlikely event that a crisis does evolve in your location.

However, while we take our duty of care seriously, we are also aware that living and working in Africa, especially in remote and difficult places, comes with considerable risk. AIM recognises the Christlike characteristics of service, suffering and sacrifice. There will be times when, in serving the Lord, we must be prepared for difficult and painful situations.


As a missionary teacher I’ve seen how vital on-field teaching support is. Not just for the parents but for their children too.

Interested? Get in Touch

Hi, my name is Debbie. If this opportunity interests you, or you have any questions, please do get in touch.​

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Long term ( Over a year )

Our passion is to see Christ-centred churches among all African peoples. Currently there are over 1,000 people groups in Africa or 316 million people, who are waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to engage with these unreached people, partner with churches in Africa to raise up gospel workers and equip African church leaders to strengthen the church. Could you play a part?. LEARN MORE

Creative Access

We use ‘Creative Access’ to refer to nations, areas or ministries where there is great hostility towards Christianity and where traditional ‘missionary work’ is not possible. Workers, therefore, need to be ‘creative’ in how they proclaim the liberating news of Jesus Christ. In North Africa alone, 200 million people from 472 unreached people groups are unreached with the gospel. That’s 200 million people unknowingly heading for a Christ-less eternity. LEARN MORE


Teaching is not just a support ministry. It's vital in sharing the gospel, displaying Christ and helping children and young people to thrive. Could you use your gifts and skills to make Jesus known among the nations? LEARN MORE

Community Development

Our heart is to see people’s whole lives redeemed by the love of Christ, and communities changed as people understand their value in God’s eyes. LEARN MORE
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