Islands medical team

Could you proclaim Christ to the unreached people of the Indian Ocean Islands as you serve them through medical work?


These beautiful tropical islands are 99.9% Muslim and for security reasons we refer to this area as the Indian Ocean Islands rather than naming individual islands. Islam is deeply rooted on these islands and to be an Islander is to be a Muslim. There are a small number of believers on each island but many follow Jesus secretly for fear of rejection and persecution. Political instability and a lack of natural resources has left these islands underdeveloped, and all our teams serve Islanders in areas such as education and medical work. The work is slow, but God is building his church here, and we wait in faith for the day when we see small groups of believers springing up across the islands, worshipping God in their own language, strong and unified, boldly speaking of the hope that they have to all around them!

Vision & Strategy

Healthcare is a huge need on the islands, and we are starting a new medical team in a poorer region. We are looking for individuals who want to join with us in our vision to see healthy individuals and communities in the holistic sense of the word – measurably less preventable illnesses, sicknesses being healed, people relating rightly to God and his creation, free from bondage to evil spirits, practicing justice, seeking peace, and using the creativity and resources God has given them to meet their needs.

Compassionate medical care must go hand in hand with verbal proclamation of the gospel. Working within the island health system will provide abundant opportunity for prayer and lifestyle witness as well as relationship building. However, strategic evangelism and discipleship happens better in an environment outside of healthcare and intentional time and effort must be made for this. The vision of the team is a church planting team first and foremost. We long to see reproducing indigenous churches on the Islands. Will you come and join us in this work?

Ministry & type of work

Recognising the power and vital importance of prayer as ministry, we desire prayer warriors to be raised up within both the local and global body who are committed to interceding for the church and the lost across the islands and beyond.

  • We as a team will strive to pattern and facilitate a focus on prayer
  • We put high priority on community through learning the heart language, open lives/open homes, cultural sensitivity, simple living and intentional relationship building.
  • We recognise the great tool that medical work can be in opening doors and advancing the kingdom. Healthcare provides opportunities to build relationships, show Jesus’ love, and to build up, teach, equip and serve others and we want to do this well.
  • We will use our giftings and expertise to benefit the local community and existing health systems.
  • We will work within the government health structure, coming alongside, supporting encouraging and training local staff in these facilities.
  • We will work and support one another as a team family. Prying for one another, meeting for regular fellowship, curriculum, prayer and accountability.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Professional medical qualification and experience (doctor, nurse, midwife, physio etc…)
  • English (level 3+) and French (level 3 required for Doctors, level 2+ desired for others). French language study can be undertaken as part of your preparation to go.
  • Previous experience working among Muslims and/or within a ministry team are desirable but not essential.

Other Information

  • Team members will be expected to do six months of language and culture orientation in the capital before joining the medical team.
  • The team will likely start in late 2021, with further intakes of new team members every six months.
  • Members are asked to commit for a two to three year term.
  • There may also be opportunities to join this team short term (1 year) with a view to long term service, please contact us to find out more

Sharing this opportunity

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The easiest way is to fill out the contact us form on our website. Once we receive that form, we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to discuss together how the Lord is leading you.

The short term application process normally takes six months.

We’ll work with you to explore the best education options available for your children. Some families homeschool their children, some enrol their children at one of AIM’s schools as boarders or day students (Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, Wellspring Academy in Chad or Haven of Peace Academy in Tanzania), and some enrol their children in a national school.

Hannah who now works at Wellspring Academy talks about the role of missionary teachers:

Andrew Beckham

Healthcare is proving to be a powerful means of sharing the treasure of abundant life, whilst tangibly demonstrating the love of the Good Shepherd we proclaim.

Interested? Get in Touch

Hi, my name is Debbie. If this opportunity interests you, or you have any questions, please do get in touch.​

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Long term ( Over a year )

Our passion is to see Christ-centred churches among all African peoples. Currently there are over 1,000 people groups in Africa or 316 million people, who are waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to engage with these unreached people, partner with churches in Africa to raise up gospel workers and equip African church leaders to strengthen the church. Could you play a part?. LEARN MORE

Indian Ocean Islands

These beautiful tropical islands are 99.9% Muslim and for security reasons we refer to this area as the ‘Indian Ocean Islands’ rather than naming individual islands. Islam is deeply rooted on these islands and to be an islander is to be a Muslim. There are a small number of believers on each island but many follow Jesus secretly for fear of rejection and persecution.



We long to see Health Professionals practising, modelling and mentoring competent, compassionate medicine, but doing so in places where they will influence unreached people groups for Christ. LEARN MORE
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