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Here Lindsey Davies takes the opportunity briefly to share about the work of the Communications Department.

Words & Pictures

Communications. That’s just words and pictures, right? In part, yes, it’s words and pictures for websites, blogs, social media, magazines, emails, mobilising leaflets, support raising leaflets, postcards, fridge magnets and even mugs. Words and pictures that need to be right for their often very different audiences. But it’s also building the website to start with, exploring how we should operate on social media, finding and researching stories to share and even sourcing the right kinds of magnets! Life is varied and hectic in AIM Europe’s Communications Department, but into every set of words and pictures goes an element of strategic thinking. Thinking that is centred around the fact there are still 320 million people in Africa who have never heard the Gospel and it’s part of our responsibility to encourage people to pray, give and go so that those 320 million can be part of Christ’s glorious church.


Visiting the Ik

Joe Morgan works as a designer in AIM’s Communications Department. Last October he had the opportunity to visit Africa for the first time and join the survey team to the unreached Ik in northeast Uganda. The survey was a success in terms of obtaining permission for a Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) team to work amongst them and find a location for the team leader’s house. Many of Joe’s photos have appeared in our publications and on our website, including this cover photo of a young Ik girl who was keen to have her photo taken. See page 16 for the latest updates on the Ik.

Connecting people

It’s often said that good communication forms the centre of a successful relationship, and likewise, we appreciate that if AIM Europe is to achieve all that God has called us to, at the centre of what we do must be effective communication. As part of that, we often act as a channel between the mission partners in the field and our supporters in Europe. To raise the vital prayer and financial support that our mission partners need, our goal is to communicate their needs, hopes and challenges in ways that provoke both new and existing supporters to respond as God calls. This is done through sharing their stories and prayer requests here in Connect as well as through individual partnership leaflets and prayer cards.

Encourage people to go

The other half of our responsibility is to share information with people who feel called to serve God in Africa. Over the next few weeks and months we’d encourage you to visit the ‘Go’ pages of our website, where we explain the ministry areas that AIM is involved in, share information about the countries we work in and post specific opportunities. Working with our mobilisers, we hope that our website and publications provide an area where prospective candidates can discover more about AIM and the work that God has called us to as they consider the callings on their own lives.

We hope all that we share ultimately gives glory to God and tells of the awesome work he is doing in Africa. As you read and respond to anything we produce, our prayer is that you will be encouraged in your own walk with the Lord through your partnership with us in the Gospel.

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There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.