Meet missionary children.

Anthony & Matsepo* live in South Africa with their three sons, Themba (17), Joseph (14) and Michael (9). Anthony oversees the Southern Region which includes pastoral care of mission partners and looking into new ministry areas.


Where do you live?


Can you describe it for us?

It’s not very different to England except there is probably more space and thieves. (Joseph) Also, it’s much easier to own things like BB guns and dogs. (Joseph) It’s rushed and exciting. (Themba) In Johannesburg it’s cool because you can see lots of cars like Porsches and other cool cars. (Michael)

What is the food like?

Well, at KFC there’s chicken, at Scooters there’s pizza and at Ocean Basket there’s seafood. You can buy pretty much anything in the shops from Sushi to maizemeal. (Themba) If August Basson cooks it’s brilliant! (Joseph) I love the pizza! (Michael).

What’s it like living in another country, telling people about Jesus?

After living in your fifth country it feels normal. At RVA we talk about God every day. (Themba) I was born in South Africa and I miss the sea. (Joseph) Another country? I don’t get the question. (Michael)

What’s school like?

School at RVA is great. (Themba) School in Johannesburg is fine. Sometimes it’s stressful and there’s lots of work to do but I have lots of friends. (Michael)

“…at KFC there’s chicken, at Scooters there’s pizza and at Ocean Basket there’s seafood.”

Do you go to church?


What do you get asked most by friends and family at home?

Normally they ask how school is and sometimes people ask if I speak African. (Themba) Where’s home? (Joseph)

Where do you want to live in the future?

England (Themba) South Africa (Joseph) England (Michael)

Do you have any favourite Bible verses or stories?

Jeremiah 31 (Themba) Psalm 150 (Joseph) The story of David and Goliath (Michael)

*names changed for security reasons

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