Translating hope

Angelo became a Christian when he was attending school outside of the Laarim area. After finishing school he returned home, wanting to share the gospel with his own people. Angelo can speak Laarim and English so he has been a great asset to the recent team serving among the Laarim. He has started to help with the translation of Bible stories and advised with cultural differences.

Through the translation work Angelo has grown a lot in his faith. Recently, he has started his own Bible study groups. We have had the joy of seeing people come to faith because Angelo has shared the good news with them. But that often means that Angelo is under attack. He has had to cope with false accusations being made against him and the constant temptation to return to participating in aspects of Laarim culture that are contrary to the gospel. 

Standing on the rock

Angelo has learnt to stand on the rock of Christ and when he’s struggling, he’s learnt to look for support from believers and seek prayer. Despite the difficulties he’s encountered, God is blessing the work of Angelo’s hand.

Many Laarim people ask Angelo to come to their house to study the Bible with them. But Angelo can’t visit everybody. The harvest is big but we need more workers. Angelo is looking forward to receiving training so that he can then train other Laarim believers to start their own Bible study groups. Could you be a part of supporting young men like Angelo, and other young leaders until the Laarim are ready to start a church on their own?

Finishing the work

There are now a number of believers among the Laarim. Ten Bible study groups meet on a weekly basis. But we still have the vision of seeing Christ-centred churches transforming every Laarim village. 

Beginning in September 2019 we are intending to launch a follow up team led by Ard & Carin De Leeuw, continuing the ministry of the Focus team and concentrating on church planting. We long to see Laarim believers becoming strong in their faith and capable of spreading the gospel among their communities. For this to happen we need people to come and live alongside the Laarim and to disciple them. 

People with a background in veterinary work, health education, literacy development, education or farming would be able to quickly use their professional skills in the community. However, these roles would always be secondary to the primary focus of church planting.

The Boya Hills are not an easy place to live. There is a strong gun culture with shots fired for celebration, for mourning, for cattle raiding, and for showmanship. There are no local markets. Team food supplies are flown in monthly by AIM Air or brought on returning vehicle trips from Kenya or Uganda. Evacuation by air for health emergencies is limited to daylight hours.

Yet despite all these difficulties, God has been moving among the Laarim and through those who have served him there. Could God be calling you to be a part of finishing the work?

Ard & Carin de Leeuw

Ard & Carin de Leeuw

The de Leeuws live among the Laarim in South Sudan learning language and culture to share the gospel with them.

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