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Teaching is not just a support ministry. It's vital in sharing the gospel, displaying Christ and helping children and young people to thrive. Could you use your gifts and skills to make Jesus known among the nations?

Not just a teacher… a role model.

AIM currently has 572 children from around the world serving with their families in Africa. The majority of these children are either homeschooled or attend Christian boarding schools. For that to happen, and for those children to flourish, we need missionary teachers. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be carried out by parents. And it’s not always carried out at home! But a missionary teacher, teaching the children of their team mates can mean the difference between a whole team struggling or thriving.  

Children living away from home in boarding schools are in desperate need of godly role models. Just as those their parents are working among need to hear the good news of Jesus, so do their children away at school. Through your life, ministry and service, could you have a vital impact in sharing the gospel with young people?

If you feel called to teaching, but don’t think that you could serve through teaching in a boarding school or through homeschooling, there are plenty more opportunities to get involved. Could you teach English to adults, and whilst doing so, share with them the words of life? If you’re a teacher why not check out the open opportunities now, and discover God’s calling on your life?

Download a teaching opportunity sheet

Have a missions event or missions board at your church? Why not download a teaching opportunity sheet for others to find out more about serving in Africa?

How can I get involved?

Short Term

There are so many opportunities for you to get involved in teaching across Africa. From homeschooling opportunities, time serving in schools for missionary children or serving in national schools, there’s plenty of ways for you to serve. If you’re taking a year out, a career break, early retirement, or just simply wanting to offer up time to serve God, you can apply either as an individual or as a team of two or more for 3-12 months service.

Long Term

Twelve months to a lifetime… If God is calling you to use your teaching skills or you’d like to explore your giftings whilst in Africa, we would love to partner with you and your church. You could join as part of a focus team, a TIMO team among the unreached, or work to support the African church through ministries such as teaching pastors, teaching English or teaching others to teach!

Latest opportunities

  • Teach English in Mayotte - The Shibushi people group is still unreached with the gospel (there are only a few local believers out of ~60,000 people.
  • Serve among the Karimojong - Could you make a difference among the Karimojong? A group of 1 million people as yet still unreached with the gospel? Discover your role.
  • Could you share hope at HOPAC? - Being a teacher at HOPAC provides the opportunity to shape future African leaders, serve missionary families and witness to non-Christian students and their families.
  • Teach French in Kenya - Could you use your teaching skills and experience to help missionary children learn French? We’re looking for a teacher to join Rift Valley Academy, AIM’s boarding school in Kenya. Could you join a team committed to providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment for students as they are discipled and educated towards their potential in […]
  • Long Term, Mozambique – Teacher for Missionary Children - Do you have a passion for teaching children and a desire to see them thrive wherever God has called them?

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