Free from fear

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Henry is a Muslim background believer who professed faith in Christ over three years ago.

Through the love and faithful witness of a Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) team member, Henry began to search the scriptures. Once he tasted the word and saw that it was sweet and true, he believed. However, after beginning well – regularly meeting together to pray and study the word – Henry began to distance himself. For the next two years, Henry had limited, if any, contact with any of our team members or other believers in his town.

It was obvious that fear was keeping him from growing, from meeting with others, and from sharing the gospel with those around him. We have been specifically praying that God would remove the fear from his heart and give him a boldness to move forward.

“Once he tasted the word and saw that it was sweet and true, he believed”

Several months ago we heard from one of our team members in Henry’s town that Henry had come to him with a relative, wanting to study the word together – what a joy it was for us to hear this news. So what happened? Why the change?

A week ago I had the chance to meet up with Henry. As we sat on the mat in the dark of night he shared with me a dream he’d had. He saw a man with his arms spread out – at first Henry thought the man wanted to embrace him – but the man spoke to him and told him, “Go forward, don’t turn back”. There was more to the dream, but the main thing was that Henry realised that he no longer needs to fear. Henry said he realised that God has all things in his hands and therefore God is in control – making it pointless to fear anything.

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