Directed by dreams

We have prayed and prayed for women on this Island. Now God is giving his followers courage through their dreams to share his gospel with other women. Would you pray with us that this would be the start of an inpouring of Island women into the kingdom? 

In Ma Imani’s dream, she and a friend had gone to a town in the north of the island. As they stood outside a specific mosque, her friend questioned whether it was a good idea to be there (the town in the north is known to be very religious). Ma Imani replied that of course it was, for they were there for the women not the men. They found an older lady sitting outside who invited them to sit down and asked them why they’d come. Ma Imani told her that she’d been sent with a message to tell them. At this the woman told her to wait while she went and gathered other women to come and listen! On their return, they all sat and listened intently as Ma Imani shared the good news.   

Not one to waste time, a few days later, Ma Imani and a friend from that village took a taxi bus heading north – she said she was praying a lot on the way! Her friend is not a believer but has heard quite a lot and when Ma Imani explained to her why she wanted to go, she surprisingly agreed to accompany her. On their arrival, they went straight to the mosque Ma Imani had seen in her dream. As they walked up to it, she saw a woman sitting with her back to them. Could it be the woman from her dream? They walked past and then doubled back, and when she saw her face she had no doubt – it was her! The woman saw them and welcomed them to come and sit down. Ma Imani decided on this first visit to keep things low key, so she just sat and chatted with her and the other women. When it came time for her to leave, she told them she’d come back, as she had something to tell them. They told her not to wait too long!  

Ma Imani is not the only island woman to have had a dream.  

On a different Indian Ocean Island, dreams played a significant role in Sophie’s conversion and her commitment throughout the years. Just before Christmas she had another dream. In it, she saw a man in bright white who asked her what path she was following. She responded with, “What do you want me to do?” He gave her a holy book and then took her by the hand to where all her extended family were gathered. He then told her to stand in the middle and read what he had given her. It was the story of Jonah, and as she read it aloud she understood and was able to explain the parallel to Jesus. Afterwards she fell to her knees pleading, crying, begging her family to accept the truth and Jesus who would save them. At this point she woke up. But she knew she was being asked to share the words she had been given with her family.  

For a few years she has invited her family to eat a Christmas meal with her. This year, after everyone finished eating, she shared the gospel. It was a big step and she was scared, but she knew she needed to obey. She said it was met with mixed reactions – some disagreed but others listened with interest.  

God is at work! The same God who has spoken to his people through dreams throughout the ages is speaking to Islanders today.

All names and locations in this article are hidden for security reasons.

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