Around Africa at Easter

Easter. A long weekend filled with chocolate egg hunts, pastel coloured decorations and a family lamb dinner after church? We visit some of our missionaries around Africa to find out what Easter looked like for them last year. Pray for the unique opportunities Easter affords our missionaries to share the good news of the cross and resurrection with those who have not yet heard it.

Andrew Wallace, Boya Hills, South Sudan

“God blessed us with safe travels to Farasika on Sunday and it was a real privilege to join with the Church there. We met Joscinta, a remarkable lady from Kenya who has spent 11 years faithfully ministering among the Laarim. She is perfectly fluent in the language and has a beautiful testimony of how God has enabled her to continue living and working in this hard place where many others have been and gone. I shared an Easter Sunday message through a translator and people seemed to listen well, hopefully understanding the huge importance of the bodily resurrection of Jesus.”

Kathleen Quellmalz, Safina Street Network, Tanzania

“We celebrated Easter with over 120 children and youth. The slogan of the day was ‘Jesus has risen, he’s set us free’. Four of our children and youth testified how they have experiences this in their lives. One 17 year old is also HIV positive. We had already helped him often. Numerous times he came to our shelter when he wasn’t feeling well. But time and again he returned to the street. He said: “Many of you know me. A year ago I said: I live on the street, and I’ll die on the street. I have refused all help and I also wanted to know nothing about Jesus”. He then became so sick that we took him to the Sisters of Mother Theresa. And a miracle happened. He regained his strength and came to faith in Jesus. He now lives with us in the group home for our youth and began school two weeks ago. He would like to complete his Primary School graduation. Other children and youth also sought us out to talk after reflecting on the messages.”

Bridget Howard, Rwanda

“Life didn’t stop in any big way for Easter; only Good Friday was a national holiday, unlike the longer Easter school holidays in England and people going away for a spring break. For the AIM team, it was an opportunity to hold a farewell for ta missionary family who have been with us for several years. Due to family concerns and health issues they have had to stop their ministry in Rwanda and return to the USA. So it was a poignant time of sharing memories of their ministry here and a time to commit them to God for their future journey.”

Worker in Diaspora Region

“We had a good crowd of adults and children [at our outreach on Easter Saturday]. There were more adults than children this time around. All seats were filled and some children were on mats on the floor.  Everyone listened attentively to the Easter story which was told in French and then translated into Arabic. We creat[ed] a curtain for the temple which would tear at the right moment. It was quite dramatic and certainly enhanced the message. Praying that the message of Jesus’ death opening up the way to God may cause them to think and reflect more about their own relationship with God.

Creative Access Worker

Over the Easter weekend itself, we had a service at our local church on Good Friday, and then on Easter Sunday many of our local church walked 4- 4 ½ hours to join other members of our church and other congregations in a joint celebration.”

Angelika Maader, Mozambique

“Give thanks for the Easter message, and that Jesus Christ the Redeemer was proclaimed during the Easter period. Christians were called to pray for peace in Mozambique and political leaders were asked to clarify the discussions they were having. In the cities, there were peaceful demonstrations in many places.”

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