AIM Location: United Kingdom & Europe

Ministry in the United Kingdom & Europe ranges from being a part of mobilising offices, to teaching in Bible colleges to being involved in work among the African Diaspora across the continent.

In 2015 more than one million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe. Many are fleeing the war in Syria, or escaping the aftermath of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but there has also been a steep increase in the amount of migrants from Africa. Some are moving for economic reasons, some are escaping political oppression, and others are seeking to avoid religious persecution. Whilst illegal migration makes up a large proportion of those migrants entering Europe, Africans are also here as students or as international employees, responding to the demand that Europe has for both skilled and unskilled labour. Ultimately, thousands of Africans are journeying every month, in search of work and a better life.


Seeing doors open in Montreal

“I joined a team working among the African diaspora; people who have arrived as strangers and even refugees, and who are in great need of knowing the love of Jesus. The task is immense, but the Lord reminds me that he asks us to come to him with our five loaves and two fishes. It is he who multiplies, he who bears fruit according to his grace.”


My biggest praise

Political instability in Africa has meant that South Africa is one of the countries where many refugees go. Zara* works with a community from East Africa where most women do not speak English, yet their children go to the local schools. 


A part of the answer

I will never forget the article I read about a teenage girl who had to bury her mother and two sisters in the desert sand. This article haunted me. I asked, “Who is on the other side of the Mediterranean welcoming such a victim of human suffering? Who is there to embrace her and offer her hope and healing?”


Showing hope amidst despair

We’ve all seen the pictures; desperate families walking away from destroyed homes, little children being carefully passed over barbed-wire fences, dangerously overcrowded boats arriving on European shores. AIM missionary, Jonathan, and local partner, Pedro, talk about how they are seeking to share hope with these displaced peoples. 


There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.