Unreached People: Antakarana

The Antakarana, who are originally of mixed Austronesian, African and Arab ancestry, settled in the far north of Madagascar in the 12th century. They are called ‘People of the White Coral Rocks’ as they live in a geographically isolated, rocky place. Some work as coastal fishermen and those in inland villages harvest rice, raise cattle and grow crops on a small scale. Others work in factories and do other work in towns. They see themselves as Antakarana before they consider themselves Muslim and are proud of their history and culture.


Meet the Ramangalahy family

Hervé is Malagasy and lived in Madagascar until he was 24, when he joined Nathalia, who is Swiss, in Geneva. They got married and have three children, Rija (11), Andry (9) and Mialy (5). They are just starting ministry in Nosy Be, an island off Madagascar. We asked them how God led them to the mission field.


Connect January – April 2021

‘Look up at the sky and count the stars…so shall your off-spring be’ (Genesis 15:5). Time and again in the long years that followed, Abraham would have been reminded every time he looked up at the night sky of this promise from God.


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