The desperate need for Biblical Christianity

Loots Lambrechts works at the Preach the Word training course in Rwanda. He talks about his passion to help the African church be faithful to the truth of the gospel as revealed in Scripture.

AIM’s focus is to establish Christ-centred churches among all African peoples, with priority for unreached people groups. I believe that theological training plays an essential part as we labour towards this end. It is widely recognized that the African church, which has been growing at a rapid pace, is an underutilised force in missions towards other Africans, let alone world missions. Why is this the case? Our Rwandan brothers and sisters say it is because the gospel has not yet penetrated the church deeply. Too many churches have been built on a false gospel, a ‘gospel’ of extreme legalism, or the prosperity gospel, or on a gospel that has been mixed together with African traditional religion. Many African churches are in desperate need for true Biblical Christianity as revealed in the Scriptures. I believe this is where sound theological training comes in.

“So my passion is not so much for institutional theological training in and of itself, but to equip the church with the true gospel, whatever it takes.”


Preach the Word (PTW) is a Bible training course situated in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.  It has arisen out of  a friendship  between Loots Lambrechts (AIM missionary) and Determine Dusabumuremyi (Rwandan minister of the Word).  Our conviction is that God will use his Word as written in the Bible for his purposes in Rwanda. PTW is a practical course helping those involved in Christian ministry to correctly and faithfully handle God’s Word. Our ultimate hope is that God would use PTW students to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to their own people and even go beyond their borders to other nations, as well as to encourage and build up the church in Rwanda through faithful Bible exposition and application.  In order to accomplish this we study the Bible as a whole unit,  focusing on key Bible books and the application of those books into Rwandan life. PTW is both training in God’s Word and discipleship. We are a family,  where there is a strong emphasis on living life together and applying biblical truth into each others lives.

So my passion is not so much for institutional theological training in and of itself, but to equip the church with the true gospel, whatever it takes. What a great day it will be when the African church takes the initiative in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the millions of unreached people groups within her own continent and even beyond! We need to partner with our African brothers and sisters in order to establish Christ-centred churches, churches that are built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, as revealed in all Scripture. Church leaders need to be equipped and trained in the Word of God. Not only to grow in their knowledge of the Word, but also in character and Christian maturity, displayed in a deep love towards those they serve. I believe such training cannot only take place in a classroom, but in the context of a dynamic relationship between students and teachers as they live life together, and where the students are able to see the Christian life being modelled within the family and wider community. Church leaders also need to be trained to communicate the gospel faithfully, in a way that can be grasped and understood by their people, as well as applying it into their lives.

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There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.