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Pray for the unreached Datooga people

Who are the Datooga?

The Datooga are an unreached people group of central Tanzania. Although scattered across this region of Tanzania, their homeland seems to be centred near Mount Hanang, a mountain that they consider sacred and which plays an important role in their songs and myths. They are a large group of former nomads, who have now settled as farmers. They often keep animals, mainly cattle, but also goats, sheep, donkeys and chicken. They are proud of their culture and see no reason to change. Few children go to school and illiteracy is common.

What do they believe?

The Datooga are animists, respecting and fearing their ancestors. They communicate with them through the spirits, so witchcraft and sorcery is rampant. They believe in a distant creator named ‘Aseeta’ who has twin sons who they expect to come to rule and judge the world some day. They have many rituals, including worshipping at a special tree, or going to the mountains to call on the ancestors. 

What is being done to reach them?

In 2006 a TIMO team served among the Datooga. Resulting from that, there are Datooga believers and some have gone to Bible school. Pray they would be strong in the Lord and anointed evangelists. Simon & Sue French continued  working among them until 2018, discipling Datooga believers through Bible teaching and seminars. There are also Bible stories being translated and shared.

Prayer from AIM’s Daily Prayer:

The Datooga are an unreached people group who live in central Tanzania. They are a large group of former nomads who have now settled as farmers, and have animistic beliefs. writes: “Please continue to pray for Datooga evangelists and pastors to be sent to all corners of the people group. Pray that the Lord will raise up those men and women. Then also please pray for the churches in Tanzania to be filled with a passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled in every people group in the country, including the Datooga. Pray that it will be their own sons and daughters they send out. Pray they will support them generously, visit them, care for them, and stay in touch with them.”

“Our final Sunday in Tanzania was spent worshipping alongside believers from the churches in the pastorate who came together in the new church building in Endamaghay. It was a lovely time together and each of the churches shared with us their goodbyes. We give thanks that the new brick built church building is completed at Barazani. We were also able to complete some repair work on the exterior walls of the Evangelist’s small house which will extend the life of the property. Due to a recent donation we were able to assist the Evangelist at Jobaji to purchase grasses for thatching the roof of his new traditionally built house. For the family this is such a blessings as they have now been able to extend their home from 1 to 4 rooms. The Bible storying project has been completed to the stage where a complete set of stories from Creation to the Resurrection and Ascension have been recorded. The stories have been distributed to 8 individuals to share in a total of 6 villages via small local radios that use a memory card. Evangelist Gabriel is now leading the project. Another young Datooga believer who is computer literate is also assisting in the project which we are excited about…Please pray for our Tanzanian colleagues as they continue to minister.”

“The Bible storying project reached another milestone last week with a small group of Datooga men and women spending a few days in Karatu at our house checking all the stories in the set. Gabriel, the evangelist being equipped to take on the project after we leave arrived a day early to spend time with Simon developing his knowledge and skills on the computer/technical aspects of the project. There is just one more story to record to complete the set of 28 Bible stories from Creation to the death and Resurrection of Jesus all recorded in the Datooga language. These coming weeks will see Simon and Sue visit all the local churches in the pastorate to say our farewells and thanks. We will also be tying up loose ends with the various projects we are involved in and packing up our house. Thank you for praying with us.”

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