19 december 2019 // Articles & Stories

In my own language

Connected to prayer

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Join us in giving thanks for the completion of the New Testament in the Rendille language.

In Korr, one of Kenya’s northern frontier towns, the air seems to be constantly stirring. Traditionally, the Rendille are nomads. Traditionally, they do what they must to survive in a hostile environment. Traditionally, they have no access to Scripture in their language. Things have changed.

The day was a crescendo. What started quietly as a small gathering of local believers and missionaries became a major cultural celebration. The climax featured the most prized possession in traditional Rendille culture – camels. And on their backs were boxes of freshly-printed Rendille New Testaments. Escorting them in was a procession of dancers and singers.

The Bible dedication event marked the culmination of a 37-year translation journey begun by now-retired AIM missionaries Nick and Lynn Swanepoel, who set out to put the Rendille language in written form. The New Testaments represent the combined effort of Africa Inland Mission, Bible Translation & Literacy (BTL), Seed Company, and other generous partners from around the world.

Rendille Pastor, David Gargule, of the Africa Inland Church, Korr, had the privilege of delivering the first sermon from the Rendille New Testament. He summed up the translation accomplishment saying, “My morning devotional holds deeper meaning now that I can read the words of God in my own language.”