Bible storytelling among the Laarim

In August 2016, an AIM Focus team was brought together to live among the Laarim people of South Sudan. The team tell us about their plans to share the gospel through Bible storytelling, and how this has initially been received by the Laarim.

Among other methods of bringing the word of God to the Laarim, we have been using Bible storytelling. In Kali village, during the construction phase the spiritual opposition seemed to be strongest. But the initial phase of Bible storytelling there has been very positive, despite the fact that it has to be done through an interpreter. Here is a recent email report from the de Leeuw family from the Netherlands, who are living in village called Kali.

Philip and Linda Byler visit with Laarim villagers Philip and Linda Byler, the Focus team leaders, visit with Laarim villagers

“A small update from Kali. We went this morning to Chief Joseph. When we arrived there everyone was waiting. There were over 100 people and more than 30 adult men. We shared the creation story. When we asked them the question “What did they like?” an elder stood (I think it was the brother of Chief Joseph) and responded for all the people about what they liked. He practically told the whole story back.

When we asked the question “What we can learn from God in this story?” there was some talking.

Then Chief Joseph stood up and responded that they have always been living in the darkness and that they were very happy that we have come to tell them more about God, so they could learn about God and come out of the darkness.

We are very grateful for this day, and that we went to Chief Joseph. Please continue praying for the Chief’s family and for open hearts. We will go next Saturday again to tell the second Bible story.”

At the time of this writing, the second story was likewise well received by a similar group of people including the men. We continue to pray for the glorious light of Jesus to penetrate the darkness of Laarim.

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