Reaching the Zigua with the gospel

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Little education, little healthcare, no gospel witness. This is the state of the Zigua people in KomSanga village located in northeastern Tanzania.

One hundred percent

In 2011 the Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) Bagamoyo undertook a research programme among the Zigua of KomSanga village and found them to be absolutely unreached with the gospel. One hundred percent of the village claim to be Muslim. There is no primary or secondary school. There is no permanent water source. There is no medical clinic. The Zigua in this area of KomSanga live desperately in need of both social and spiritual help.


How beautiful are the feet

Could you be part of a two-year TIMO team starting in September 2017? AIM team leaders, Jeremy & Leah Krahn are looking for people who will work together with two AICT families. It is their desire that all members who join this team will be open to prayerfully evaluating the Lord’s call for them to stay on after the TIMO team and participate in the long term vision of reaching the Zigua. The TIMO team members will be participating in AICT outreach efforts. Therefore we are looking for individuals passionate about education, medical work, or community development such as conservation agriculture or water development.

We long to see the Zigua reached with the gospel. Our goal is to continue working among the Zigua people group in KomSanga until we see evangelical believers with established churches and trained Zigua church leaders. Then we will depart and leave all continuing work among the Zigua to the AICT and any indigenous evangelical churches which may have been initiated during that time.

The vision

Together with the AICT our vision is to bring the gospel to the KomSanga village through the establishment of holistic ministries within the community. In the process of meeting their felt needs, it is expected that the good news of the gospel can be shared with this Muslim community, and strong, evangelical, reproducing AICT churches can be established in the village and surrounding area among the Zigua people.

Hub of gospel work

Recently, the AICT acquired land and started to build a primary school in KomSanga which will be the hub of gospel work in the area, and they have plans to recruit two Tanzanian teachers to work in the school. This though in itself is not enough, which is why the AICT has requested that we join in the work by sending a Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) team to live among the people in KomSanga village. The local community will help them learn language, introduce them to the Zigua culture, and assist them to know how to live in a remote Tanzanian village. Eventually these gospel workers will be able to give back, using the local language to relate the Bible in story form and begin to introduce their community to the gospel. The team members will also commit to joining AICT efforts in providing educational and medical services to the community through a holistic approach which the AICT is calling ‘Evangelism Through Social Services.’
Together we will provide a variety of community services. This could include assisting with education in the proposed primary school, providing health care (midwifery services have been specifically requested by the community) and training in conservation agriculture while we focus on planting an indigenous church that will eventually have local leaders from among the Zigua people. It is our prayer that this church will in turn reach out to surrounding communities and bring the good news to their neighbors, both Zigua and other Muslim people groups.

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