What can I do?

Jean-Philippe is an Assistant Professor in France. For years he dreamed of being a missionary doctor but God called him to work in a secular French university hospital. His desire to get involved with mission didn’t end though. He kept asking God, ‘What can I do?’ 

In short, I am a father, a doctor, a teacher, a researcher, a husband, a handyman, a cook, a son and heir of the King of kings and all this in one and the same man; all this for a unique plan: the glory of God. I have always dreamed of being a ‘Christian-physician’ working in a Christian hospital, being able to have a holistic approach in my practice. God did not allow it; on the contrary, I currently work in one of the most secular and sceptical Western countries, France, among the most sceptical population: scientists.  

However, through my role in France, my specialism in infectious diseases, and a partnership between the hospital I work in and one in Africa, God has seen fit to allow me to realise my dreams. What I didn’t expect was that through this opportunity God was planning to transform me as he used me. So far, I have served in Africa three times, and not once have I come back as I left. Trains and airports are powerful places for sanctification! Long hours of transit have been opportunities to read transformative books. God also used the people I met in Africa to transform me, challenging me in the areas where I needed to grow. The biggest lesson (which perhaps I knew in my head but hadn’t let permeate my heart) is that God leaves no space in our lives unploughed: every corner of our lives may bear fruit.  

Many people like me can’t take three months, let alone six or twelve off work to be involved in mission. But working alongside AIM and my job in this way has been perfect. I am giving my five loaves of bread and two fishes and God is able to multiply it! 

If, like Jean-Philippe, you’re interested in mission but are worried about how it would fit with your current roles and responsibilities, we have a range of opportunities that might suit you: 

  • Serve for one week among Africans in the UK based in a church in the Midlands. 
  • Attend a virtual team, learn about and pray with and for missionaries serving among Africans in Europe. 
  • Register your interest for a short prayer trip to North Africa. Meet locals, missionaries and pray for an Islamic city. 

You can find out more about these opportunities here

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There are so many ways you can be a part of reaching Africa's unreached peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.